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Is Cooking Mama available for the original Gameboy?


Make your refrigerator look like your favorite 80's video game console with the FreezerBoy magnet set! Available for fridges of all sizes, this magnet set transforms your kitchen into a vintage geek shrine. These magnets turn your fridge into a giant gaming system, ready to have it's button's pushed. Give a few taps on the D-pad along with a few jabs on the A button and you'll be ready to crack open that freezer in search of a few frosty beverages. Note: Some customers are commenting that they have not received all magnets in the set. 


  • Large Magnets, Screen is 16 inches by 12 inches
  • Removable - no fridge marks!
  • Fits on refrigerators of all sizes - Mini Fridges as well!
  • DRY ERASE FRIENDLY WHITEBOARD - washes right off! (Marker not included)
  • Set of 6 magnets