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Easily slice the good stuff out of the watermelon. Then use the remains as a hat!


  • Unique Design Slices From The Bottom, so You Leave The Rind Behind
  • It is Easy Used and Not Sharp , Safe for You Hand ,Useful for Parties in the Summer
  • Easily Watermelon Knife and Slicer,Save Time Cutting up a Whole Watermelon by Using This all-in-one Watermelon Knife.
  • Slice Right's Comfort Grip Handle Makes Cutting Through Melons a Breeze,Stainless Steel Enables it to Keep Clean
  • Rounded Edges Makes the Slicer Safe for kids. Everybody Have fun While Knowing That Your Kids are Safe From Sharp Objects.



How To Use : There are Several Easy Steps to use the Corer 
1:you can cut watermelon in twain.( in half from top to button) 
2:Cut Watermelon The first step to using this product is to cut your watermelon in half from top to buttom. 
3:Hold Curb Appeal so the Inside of the Curve is Against the Watermelon. All 
you have to do is Apply a Small Amount of Pressure and Slice on the Center, 
Pulling the Utensil Toward Yourself. Continue This Process Across the Entire 
4:Next you Will have to Flip over Curb Appeal so the Inside Curve of the Hook 
is Facing upwards. Bring the Utensil Down Placing one Slice at aTime 
Between the Hollowed Space Between the Edges. Just Lift the Pieces out of 
the Watermelon Shell one by one.