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Make bathrooms great again!


Whether you love him or hate him, Trump certainly gets a lot of attention. As he clinches the republican nomination this is the perfect Trump item for yourself or to give as a gag gift. This novelty toilet paper features a kiss trump picture printed on the ENTIRE roll! Literally have a billionaire KISS your... you know what! Perfect to give to family or friends as a gift, or take to the office and let the fun unravel. Perfect to leave in the bathroom in your office, dorm room, or home and watch the reaction when your friends and family find in the bathroom!

  • Kiss Trump picture on the entire roll - have a billionaire literally KISS your...
  • Great novelty gift to give your family or friends whether they love him or hate him!
  • 3-ply toilet paper; 250 sheets per roll - MORE than other brands!
  • Your order will come with one roll packaged in a clear tube case for protection!
  • Perfect gift packaging - just put a bow on top of the clear tube case!